Business Card Flash Drives | Custom Credit Card USB Drives

With a large printable area, our Business Card flash drives are perfect for your next marketing project. A variety of capacities allows many different types of data loading, from small web links to large promotional videos. Stand out from the crowd full of dull business cards and choose this unique solution.

Our Credit Card USB can be supplied in either USB 2 or USB 3 Offering blazing fast read/write speeds perfect for running applications or high resolution video files directly from the USB.


Quantity 128MB 256MB 512MB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB
100 – 249 $call $call $5.10 $7.00 $7.70 $8.40 $call $call $call
250 – 499 $call $call $4.90 $6.80 $7.50 $8.20 $call $call $call
500 – 999 $call $call $4.80 $6.70 $7.40 $8.10 $call $call $call
1000 – 4999 $call $call $4.70 $6.60 $7.20 $7.90 $call $call $call
5000+ $call $call $4.60 $6.50 $7.20 $7.70 $call $call $call

*Prices are for each individual drive. Due to extreme fluctuations in the USB market, pricing for this product cannot be guaranteed.

As part of the Techware Distrubtion family of companies- we proudly produce these Custom Printed Credit Card USB Drives right here in Minneapolis, MN