Custom Designed USB Flash Drives


Step 1: Concept

Whether you have a napkin sketch or simply an idea in your head, we’ll help you refine a concept to fit your custom flash drive vision. We know what has and hasn’t worked in the past, to ensure your idea will work.

Step 2: Design

In this step, we flesh out the final design of the product. We create a 3D render of the flash drive complete with color, drive location and where the cap of the drive will be.

Step 3: Production

Once we confirm the functionality of the drive and you approve the final design, your custom USB flash drive will go into production. The final drives will be tested, inspected and shipped to you.

Did you know we 3D print?

Our in-house 3D printer allows you to see and feel 3D files. With additive printing you can watch your product come to life.

  • Help sell your ideas to upper managementAfinia-H-Series-3D-Printerpsd
  • Test fitment
  • Tangible results

Cost Effective

Rapid prototype your next part or get a tactile feel on your next custom promotional USB, product or part. Call 612-782-8200