Rubber Wristband Custom USB Drives

Rubber Bracelet USB Drive with Hospital Logo

Wristband USB drives are a popular choice for hospital patients that want their imaging files to share with family doctors or referring physicians. Available in multiple capacities these can just be strapped on and are one less thing that a patient has to carry when being discharged.

Perfect for MRIs, CT or really any type of medical imaging they are a great way to share information and provide a little branding.

The USB bands can be customized with just about any color and logo although we recommend white for maximum legibility. Make sure to utilize an extreme horizontal logo with SVG graphics for the highest quality.

All of our USB Wristbands feature industry leading speeds and high quality silicon to make sure that your important data is safe (we do recommend doing a secondary backup as good data archival process)

If you would like to order these for your hospital or clinic don’t hesitate, call us today at 612-782-8200 for a free digital proof.

A better USB survival tool

Some time ago Victorinox, the Swiss Army Knife people, in recognition that the USB flash drive is practically a survival tool, added a USB flash drive to their famous, portable multi-tool set. But that was then. Now it’s a new day for Victorinox as they launch an even better USB drive. Well actually, they launched drives at CES 2011. One of these is the Victorinox SSD which offers a terabyte of storage capacity, enough to hold 220 million pages of text or almost two years worth of uninterrupted music. The other product is the Victorinox Slim, a USB drive with faster read/write speeds and enough bells and whistles to keep data secure and portable. And in recognition of today’s world, the Victorinox SSD has separate housing for flight-friendly or regular use of its implement. The flight-friendly version is a knife-free body, all the better to get through airport security. We can’t wait to see what they’re planning next.