Google Chrome as a portable app

Another of the many reasons to love USB flash drives is that you can also install Google Chrome on them for ultimate portability. With the release of Google Chrome Portable (or actually, Google Chrome Portable 17.0.963.83 Stable), fans of Chrome can make any computer their own with a USB drive.  As with all portable apps, it’s simply a matter of plugging in your USB flash drive, downloading, installing and voila – you’re ready to roll. Long before its official release Google Chrome Portable was already being downloaded by those in the know. For users who believe that launching Chrome from their USB drives is slower than in other situations, there could be several reasons for these problems. None of them are inherent in the portable app or the USB drive. One reason could be due to the specific computer into which the flash drive is connected. Some USB ports are slower than others. It could also be a problem with the specific flash drive, so the idea is to get one with the speed and capacity to match your preferences. Of course, Google Chrome Portable isn’t just for USB flash drives, it can be used with any portable device.