Custom Printed USB OTG Drives

U-Disk Swivel Tablets and mobile phones are now the dominant force in personal computing.

These connected devices make accessing your data anywhere you want a breeze. They are especially adept at chewing through small manageable data. One shortcoming albeit very miniscule is the ability to transfer large data effectively.

Rather than chew through my limited AT&T data budget and risk dropped connections when transferring videos to my Nexus 7, I’ve found OTG cables to be a godsend.

But OTG cables require a laptop or desktop for tethering and limit your mobility.

u-disk and phone copy

Regain your mobility with Smartphone U-Disk
Connect directly to your mobile phone or tablet with a USB flash drive with a Micro USB port.

Product Features:

1. Plug and Play. Simply connect the U-disk to Smartphone and transfer & play; music/video files.
*No software installation necessary.
2. Works with Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI/II/III, Motorola XOOM, TG01,Nokia N8,E7…
and other Cell Phones and Tablets which support OTG Function.
3. Also work as normal Flash Disk.

To learn more about the U-Disk and how you can use them to market and distribute your content, please contact us today.