Some very sharp USB drives

A Swiss Army Knife with a USB flash drive is nothing new, but at CES 2011 the folks at Victorinox Swiss Army unveiled even more USB flash drives in their tool sets. By now the USB drive has quite possibly surpassed most of those other tools in terms of common usage anyway. The Slim, Slim Duo and SSD are the latest iterations of the USB drive with knife tool. The Slim USB drive has 64GB of storage while the DUO has two USB drives and the SSD has around 256GB and is said to be the world’s smallest SSD drive. And it has numerous other attractive features such as secure data encryption – apologies to all those who prefer their data encryption to be not very secure.


This drive also features a nail file and a knife. We imagine the possibility of a nail file that is also a USB drive or vice versa. Get the latest Swiss Army flash drives with knife, or without for ultimate flight carry-on friendliness. Additionally, these USB drives are sporting the latest stylish shells. Enough to be the latest fashion accessory for the well dressed business executive on the go.