USB promo drives: Erasable or not

It’s not always the biggest decision on any given day but it’s something worth considering. When you add your promotional message to be launched from a USB flash drive, should you allow your message to be erasable or not? If the client can erase your message, chances the USB drive will be around longer but then your promotional message may not be around for future viewing. On the other hand, if the message is engaging, fun and short, clients are likely to view or share the USB drive with others. In some cases, a short promotional message is included on a USB drive with extra storage space for clients to add their own content. Then the message is seen whenever the flash drive is launched but the client gets to use the storage space.


One obvious way to overcome this is with a unique USB flash drive designed just for your purposes. It could be a whimsical shape, or it could feature your branded colors, logo or font, or any combination of these characteristics that are immediately recognizable. Depending on the design there could be room for your tagline as well. In such a case, it wouldn’t matter if your content on your promotional USB flash drive is erasable or not, the customers will “see you” whenever the drive is used, and even if it’s not launched, as long as it’s visible. With so many different ways to use promotional USB drives, there isn’t one answer that fits every purpose. Erasable or not isn’t so much a choice as a strategy.